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Bringing Posting into the Electronic Age with ePost

November 06, 2014

The world of television posting has seen very little change in the last 30 years. In an effort to find new ways to help media buyers and sellers work better, we are constantly surveying clients to learn about their big challenges. Our eBusiness (eBiz) initiatives are designed and developed with that feedback in mind, and so we developed a better solution for handling the posting of campaign achievements.

Currently, reps provide a paper post contract, and many buyers must manually enter the numbers for each and every program, market, and demo. It’s viewed as a slow, tedious, and error-prone way to work. In order to facilitate improvements to the process, there needed to be a more efficient way to compare estimated and actual achievements. So, we developed and introduced ePost and designed it with 3 key benefits in mind - to be fast, flexible, and accurate.

  • Fast: What used to take hours can be completed in just a few minutes. A summary of estimated vs. actual demographics tells you instantly whether you’re achieved for the contract.
  • Flexible: You choose whether you’re posting your selective, network, or specialty values to program lines, ratings lines, or a combination of the two.
  • Accurate: No more keying means rep values are entered right every time.

With buyers and sellers ready to leave the manual past of posting behind, our introduction of eContracts, led to a quick and enthusiastic adoption of the solution. Within a year of the general release, all the major English and French broadcasters jumped on board to meet buyer demand.

Since ePosts are sent to the same central hub as eContracts, reps and buyers are already familiar with how to submit and access post contracts. This means that adopting the latest eBiz solution is easier than ever. With this solution, posting, which had normally taken over an hour, “now takes 5 clicks,” according to one of our agency clients.

To drive further adoption and set an industry standard, speak to your station reps about our eBiz solutions. Soon you’ll be able to work faster and easier.  In the meantime, we’ll keep working on our next vital solution for you.