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A New Look for Mediaocean

February 03, 2014




We founded Mediaocean just 20 months ago. In the short time that followed, we’ve accomplished some incredible things:

  • We launched enterprise systems to transform the advertising space
    • Prisma, our addressable media management platform
    • Connect, our open platform for integrating media suppliers, data providers, ad servers and third-party technologies.
  • We’ve updated our Spectra platform for traditional media management.
  • We’re delivering more innovative solutions to our clients with greater speed than ever.

The process of ramping up a great business has helped us understand who we are as a company. We’ve come to recognize ourselves as visionary, dynamic, intelligent, reliable, and accessible, at every level—from our interpersonal relationships to the software we deliver. And we’ve focused ourselves on investing in our position as the leading software platform for the advertising world, and using that position to unleash the potential of global marketing.

Now, we’ve adopted a new brand identity that represents our changes, the current breadth of our solutions, and everything we aspire to become. You’ll see that image reflected throughout our visual style, the language we use, and all of our products. Right away, you’ll see that new look across:

  • Our applications—with some applications transforming their look and feel today, and others upgrading in the coming months
  • Our communications, including the new, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Mediaocean U, the new umbrella consolidating training programs across our platforms

Stay tuned for more innovation to come throughout the year. In the meantime, welcome to the new Mediaocean.