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Mediaocean Makes a Splash

January 02, 2013

By Daisy Whitney

How the new company  is creating a common currency for media buying and  planning

Billing, trafficking and processing ad orders are the plumbing of the ad business.They rarely get anyone excited and you  assume they will work fine, but, boy, if they don’t flow properly, life isn’t  good.

That’s why the deal that formed MediaOcean in  2012 — when Donovan Data Systems and MediaBank merged — is one of the most  significant landmarks in the ad business in 2012.  The two competitive  suppliers of media-buying processing systems became one in March 2012, and in  the months that followed, the new company started rolling out its integrated  platform to marketers. MediaOcean is nearly ubiquitous at U.S. agencies and  processes more than $130 billion in media billing.

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